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Three Reasons We Stand Apart

01 Interactive Planning Session

No more long, impersonal questionnaires or boring fifty page reports that mean little to you. Sit down, face to face, with a Certified Financial Planner™ and collaboratively create a personalized and interactive model of your financial future.

Interactive Planning Session

02 Elegant Investment Approach

Have you ever learned about an investment strategy and thought:

“I get it—that strategy makes perfect sense to me. It feels right!”

Don’t worry—very few have. We have spent years fine-tuning a strategy that is not only elegantly simple, but that works. It works because it is grounded in principles too many people violate.

Elegant Investment Approach

03 Credentialed Experts

Only 17% of financial advisors have earned their Certified Financial Planner™ certification. (See The CFP® certification is the gold standard for the industry and ensures the highest level of expertise and ethics.

With Divergent Wealth Advisors, you always collaborate with a Certified Financial Planner™ to create your personalized and interactive model of your financial future using our state-of-the-art planning room.

Credentialed Experts
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