The Divergent Wealth Advisors’ institutional wealth management team assists our Utah business clients in managing their organizations’ foundations, business accounts, and pension and retirement plans.

In addition, our Certified Financial Planners™ also provide assistance and educational programs to employees to help them meet their goals for retirement. Not only does this help bolster your employee benefit offerings, but it demonstrates your commitment to your team’s financial well-being.

Our organization was founded on the commitment to provide an innovative, highly personalized level of service to both individual and institutional clients. Our transparent, fee-based platform provides an exceptional value that is unique to our industry.

Retirement Plans & Workplace Wealth Management

Employer-sponsored retirement plans help your valuable staff members prepare for the future. Our financial planners will evaluate your company’s needs and recommend the best plan to meet those needs.

Our services to the organization include assistance in implementing your retirement plan, establishing vesting schedules and creating tax-deferment plans. Because of the arduous fiduciary requirements, we can also assist your organization with training and policy development to ensure that you meet or exceed these standards.

Institutional Wealth Management - target & dart

Utah Institutional Wealth & Investment Management

Whether you need assistance for your foundation, business accounts or retirement plan, your organization deserves the best available return on your investment.

Your dedicated financial planning consultants will evaluate and recommend the plans that align most closely with your company’s goals and fiduciary objectives. Based on your Investment Policy Statement, we will identify those funds targeted for superior performance.

Because controlling costs is crucial to the performance of your institutional investment programs, we are pleased to provide our exceptional service on a fee-based scale. Our interactive planning platform and astute investment approach ensures that your portfolio will continue to show improved performance for your company as well as your valued employees.

Institutional Wealth Management Services Benefit Employees

In addition to assisting your organization with retirement and pension plan design, servicing and investment management, Divergent Wealth Advisors provides an extensive array of options to help your employees grow and manage their individual portfolios.

We use your company employee demographic data to identify the most appropriate educational topics to help them achieve their goals for individual wealth management and prepare for retirement.

We can assist your employees in managing their individual retirement plans and related assets to ensure that they are ready for retirement when the time comes.

Divergent Wealth Advisors also provides small business exit consulting, for those Utah business owners who are ready to move on to the next chapter of their lives. We encourage business owners to consider their exit strategy early in the process — five to 10 years before exit — so you can work toward the established goals and objectives.

Contact our Utah office today to learn more about our comprehensive suite of personal and institutional wealth management services.