Among wealth management services, effective investment analysis is what ensures the ultimate growth — and protection — of your financial portfolio.

Any honest advisor will tell you that it is not possible to accurately predict markets. This is especially true in today’s volatile, globalized economy. However, we have a variety of sophisticated models that allow us to evaluate the potential benefits and risks of most investment products.

At Divergent Wealth Advisors, we take our role as educators seriously. When we consider recommending a purchase to you, or when you consult us for advice on a particular investment vehicle, we evaluate its viability with you and provide an honest analysis of how we believe that investment would affect your financial future.

What Is Investment Analysis?

If you can invest in it, the Divergent Wealth Advisors analysts can evaluate it.

Stocks, bonds, business ventures, foreign currency, mutual funds, treasury bills and real estate holdings are just some of the potential instruments that our financial analysts can consider on your behalf.

The four key metrics that advisors consider are risk, cost, cash flow and potential resale value. However, financial advisors do not consider these elements in a vacuum.

Instead, planners consider a given investment within the context of your portfolio, financial plan and overall goals. An investment may offer the potential for an excellent return; however, if it also carries a high risk, a comprehensive analysis will determine whether this vehicle is appropriate for your portfolio.

Investment Analysis - couple and piggy bank

How Is Investment Analysis Performed?

Gone are the days when whispered tips and hunches guided financial advisors’ recommendations. Today, our wealth management advisors evaluate investments using a host of data and analytics.

Each investment is scrutinized based on product-specific criteria, which may include estimating current and future value, tracking cash flow over time and evaluating potential exit strategies.

In most cases, Divergent Wealth Advisors uses sophisticated, proprietary software to inform and assist with the analysis process. In addition, our experienced analysts apply various empirical financial models, depending on the type of investment under consideration.

Grow Your Wealth with Professional Investment Analysis in Utah

At Divergent Wealth Advisors, our Certified Financial Planners™ (CFPs®) know that reliable analysis of current and potential investments is how we ensure our clients’ future.

Because no individual financial planner can be an expert on every type of investment, we serve our clients as a team. This ensures that you have multiple experts at your disposal to evaluate different types of financial vehicles for their suitability in your portfolio.

In Utah, contact Divergent Wealth Advisors today to learn more about our comprehensive personal wealth management and investment analysis services.