Divergent Wealth Advisors investment management services are designed to protect and maximize your benefit plan investments while taking good care of your valuable employees.

Our experienced Certified Financial Planners™ will assist you in selecting and managing the best investment options for your organization. Outsourcing management of your investments allows you to use internal resources more effectively while enhancing the growth of your funds.

As a part of our comprehensive suite of industrial wealth management services, we offer an extensive array of investment options for our for-profit, nonprofit and non-governmental organization clients in Utah.

Utah Investment Management Options

Whether you favor a defined contribution retirement plan or a defined benefit pension plan, we believe that organizational investments should be benchmarked for optimal performance.

Divergent Wealth Advisors acts as a discretionary manager for portfolio asset allocation, reporting and monitoring. We can identify or design a plan to achieve all your financial goals and help you manage your fiduciary risk.

Our services include the management of a wide variety of investment platforms, plan administration and custodial oversight. However, not only will we be working for you, Divergent Wealth Advisors will act as an independent third party in a 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary capacity.

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Retirement Fund Investment Management

While performance is critical, we understand that reducing volatility is also of primary importance. This is where our Certified Financial Planners™ excel — in helping to guide your investment choices. Their extensive experience and expertise means that they will provide education as well as advisement, ensuring that you understand all of your investment options.

A Unique Approach to Institutional Investment Management

The principles that set us apart begin with our depth of involvement with our clients.

At Divergent Wealth Advisers, we take a unique approach to client interaction. We invest extensive time with our clients to learn every detail of their needs as well as the organization’s overarching objectives.

Using this in-depth data, we prepare a roadmap for managing investments that guides our recommendations. We understand the critical importance of building wealth for your institutional investments — for your organization and its employees.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive suite of service offerings. We specialize in both individual and institutional portfolio management and growth. Our wealth management advisors understand the unique challenges you face in designing a retirement fund that truly works for your business.

For our Utah clients, we offer both personal and institutional investment and plan management, participant services and small-business exit consulting. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive investment management services.