Divergent Creation Story

In 2016, we were largest team at a leading global wealth management firm in the state of Utah. By most standards, we had it made. We had achieved what many advisors would call “professional nirvana.” By many measures this was probably true. However, over the last few years at our previous firm, effectively running our practice and efficiently serving our clients became increasingly difficult. We felt a change was necessary to navigate our clients effectively through what we believed would be a dramatic, fundamental shift in our industry.

Our creative system and proven processes that allowed us to give our clients a truly unique planning, advising, and investing experience conflicted with the direction that our firm wanted to go.

We knew that something needed to change. For nearly two years we researched, planned, and created the foundation of a firm that would disrupt the financial planning industry and change the way people engaged with their financial advisors. Divergent Wealth Advisors™ is the culmination of our efforts inspired by the vision we have developed over our careers and a company that we are proud to tell the world about.


Rick majored in Finance and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Utah State University. After declining a promotion from IBM that would take him out of state, Rick decided to become a financial planner with a regional brokerage firm in Salt Lake City. He was one of the earliest adopters of a “fee-based,” commission free, investment platform. After quickly attaining his CFP® credentials, he established himself as an elite planner in the state of Utah. Rick spent most of the first 30 years in his career working for the major nation-wide firms of Smith Barney and Morgan Stanley.


Jordan majored in both Finance and Economics with an emphasis in Financial Planning and graduated with honors and Cum Laude from Utah State University in 2006. During his studies, Jordan served in several student leadership positions as a University and President’s Ambassador. After interning with a nationally renowned wall street firm his senior year, he was hired as an advisor directly out of college and started his career. After three successful years, Jordan formed a partnership with his father, Rick Collins, where over the next decade they grew to become the largest team at Morgan Stanley in the state of Utah.


Brady majored in Finance and graduated as a Newel K. Whitney Scholar from BYU-Idaho in 2011. During his studies, he served as the Student Body President and worked at both JPMorgan and UBS Wealth Management. After graduation, Brady was hired at Morgan Stanley where he quickly established himself as a qualified and highly sought-after advisor for Institutional and Private Wealth Management needs. After Brady worked alongside Rick and Jordan for several years, they joined forces as his practices and values closely aligned with theirs.