Divergent Wealth Advisors offers participant services to all our industrial wealth management clients, including an extensive array of educational services designed to provide your employees with a comprehensive road map for retirement planning and preparation.

The chances are that many of your valuable employees are on a collision course with financial disaster, utterly unprepared to support themselves after retirement. But we can help, delivering the peace of mind and security that only careful investment planning can bring.

The Pressing Need for Participant Services

The majority of your firm’s employees are probably not sufficiently prepared for retirement.

In fact, less than half of U.S. workers have even considered or attempted to calculate how much money they will need for retirement, let alone set aside any significant amount of savings. Older workers are even less likely than younger employees to have planned appropriately for retirement.

Fortunately, most of your employees realize they need the assistance of a financial advisor to help them get on track for retirement. That is exactly what Divergent Wealth Advisors provides for your employees, as a part of our services to you.

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The Benefits of Utah Participant Services

When your employees have the benefit of our participant financial services — including group meetings, targeted messaging and individual retirement plan assistance — they learn the critical skills necessary for retirement planning.

Our participant services offerings empower your valued employees and provide them with the tools they need to take control of their future. And because every one of our wealth advisors is a Certified Financial Planner™, your staff members will benefit from the experience, expertise and ethics these credentialed professionals bring to bear.

Participant Services Tailored to Your Organization

No one-size-fits-all solution works for your company’s institutional wealth management program, nor does it work for your staff’s retirement readiness.

To determine what it takes to get your staff members retirement-ready, we use employee census data and a sophisticated data analysis process. Once we understand their unique needs, we can prepare the educational programs necessary to assist them.

For those employees who want to take their retirement planning to the next level, we also offer individual retirement accounts to supplement the benefits that you provide.

This highly personalized approach is the same one we use for every client, individual and institutional. Our financial planners spend extensive time with you, learning about your goals and objectives so they have the knowledge they need to make those objectives a reality.

Divergent Wealth Advisors provides a comprehensive suite of services for individual and institutional wealth management. In Utah, contact us today to learn more about our plan management, investment management and participant services.