The Divergent Wealth Advisors approach to portfolio management is truly unique in our industry.

You may hear similar claims from other investment advisors or portfolio managers, but our methods are unlike anything we’ve encountered.

Portfolio management is as much art as science. It involves helping you make decisions about individual investments as well as reviewing your portfolio in a more globalized way, to see the big picture. It involves matching investment decisions to your needs and goals to both grow and preserve your personal wealth.

An Uncommon Approach to Portfolio Management in Utah

When we set out to create Divergent Wealth Advisors, we did so with the goal of revolutionizing the way people interact with their financial advisors.

After more than two years of research and planning, we developed a business plan that allowed us to achieve this.

We have taken a very complicated process in the industry and created an elegantly simple investment strategy that even the most novice investor can understand.

Our strategy was built using six foundational investment principles. Almost every other strategy in existence today violates at least one, and usually several, of these principles. Not only does our investment strategy perform, but it does so at a cost that is substantially less than most other investment strategies available to investors.

portfolio management - man holding briefcase/portfolio

Cost-Effective Portfolio Management

One of the hallmarks of our portfolio management is that our services can cost significantly less than other wealth management firms.

We have implemented a fee-based structure that is straightforward and transparent, so investors can truly understand how much their financial planning services costs them.

When you consult with us to explore our personal wealth management offerings, we provide a detailed explanation of how we are compensated as well as all of the benefits you get from our experience and expertise. It’s very easy for you to decide if the service is worth the price or not.

Because we are all Certified Financial Planners™, we provide our clients peace of mind as well as cost-effective expertise and personal service.

Managing Your Portfolio to Create Maximum Value

As a part of our fee structure, we ensure that we add value for our clients.

We are committed to not just earning our fee, but providing a level of benefit that far outpaces our cost. Savvy investors understand that the cost of their portfolio manager is truly an investment, and we believe that choosing Divergent Wealth Advisors as your portfolio manager is one of the best investments you can make.

At Divergent Wealth Advisors, you will find an experience unlike any other. We leverage asset allocation, rebalancing and diversification to help you reach your wealth goals, ensuring the stability of your — and your family’s — financial future. Contact our Utah office today to learn more about our comprehensive suite of personal wealth management and financial planning services, including portfolio management.