Personal Wealth Management

Personal wealth
  • Personal Financial Modeling

    Taking hours to fill out a 10-20 page questionnaire only to have a financial planner or his assistant create a templated plan for you is a thing of the past. At Divergent Wealth Advisors, you'll work in close collaboration with our Certified Financial Planners™ to create an interactive and personalized financial model of your future on a large flat screen TV using state of the art planning software.

  • Tax Planning

    As the US tax code becomes even more complex, protecting your assets with smart tax planning is more valuable than ever before. We spend substantial time with our clients to uncover actionable opportunities to mitigate taxes, and then work directly with our clients' CPAs to ensure these tax savings are translated into real returns.

  • Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

    Spending a lifetime building wealth only to lose half of it to the government at death or to have your beneficiaries engage in unfortunate conflicts is a tragedy. We work with our clients to develop personalized estate plans that protect their wealth, and then engage trusted attorneys to draft the final documents.

  • Investment Analysis

    In a recent survey, 82% of investors reported a lack of confidence in their current investment strategy. Of the same respondents 79% could not articulate what their investment strategy was. This is a recipe for disaster. We consider our role as educators equal to that of advisors and provide unbiased, in-depth analysis of any investment and of all portfolios.

  • Portfolio Management

    Our investment strategy is the opposite of every other strategy we have seen. It is easy to grasp, yet elegant and sophisticated in its execution. Not only have we figured out a way to provide great performance, but we have also discovered how to do it for substantially less than most active managers.

  • Personal 401(k) Consulting

    Typically, investors' largest investment is their 401(k). We may not be directly responsible for managing a client's 401(k) but we do actively help clients to manage all their investment risks, including their assets held outside of our firm, thus aligning all their assets with their overall financial plans.

  • Retirement Income Planning

    It is easy to understand the importance of having a strategy to accumulate wealth, but it's just as important to have a plan when it comes time to spending it. Our understanding of the risks involved with timing account distributions as well as managing the amount of the distributions goes a long way to maximize our clients' account values over their lifetimes and helps them to ensure that their funds extend well into their remaining years.

  • Liability Management

    As a rule, getting out and staying out of debt should be a top priority. However, as more wealth is accumulated, more opportunities arise where debt can be leveraged to maximize value. We establish liability management strategies personalized to our clients' individual situations that help to increase their wealth over time.

  • Real Estate Analysis

    Real estate typically plays an important part in most of our clients' portfolios. Just like any other investment, a person needs to be smart about it. As your family Chief Financial Officer, we want to empower you to make the best financial decisions. This includes advising you on all your real estate transactions.

  • Insurance Risk Analysis

    Unforeseen events ranging from the premature death of a spouse to a loved one becoming disabled can have far-reaching financial impact. We assess all aspects of our clients’ lives, identify specific areas of risk, and then work with independent insurance brokers to solicit policies designed to best address these needs.

Institutional Wealth Management

Institutional wealth
  • Plan Management

    With the growing number of retirement plans out there, it is all about finding the right fit for your organization and your employees. We evaluate your unique business requirements and advise you on what will be the best retirement plan going forward. From adding vesting schedules to creating tax deferment plans, we help you to achieve your financial goals while meeting your fiduciary responsibilities.

  • Investment Management

    Whether you are investing in a Defined Contribution retirement plan or a Defined Benefit Pension plan, investments should be benchmarked for optimal performance. Our team evaluates funds in coordination with your Investment Policy Statement to determine suitability and alignment to with your overall objectives and fiduciary goals.

  • Participant Services

    Each company we serve has a catered education calendar that addresses its own employee demographics and goals. Employee census data is analyzed to determine actionable ways to help employees become more retirement ready. We do this through group meetings, individual retirement plans, and targeted messaging through 401(k) record keeping partners.

  • Small Business Exit Consulting

    Whether you have built your business to achieve financial independence, to create a family legacy, or to provide for retirement income, your exit strategy should be carefully thought out. Far too often, we see small business owners leave money on the table compared to those who have a strategic plan that often starts at least 5-10 years before exit.

  • Employee Education Events

    Our company's founding mission is to help as many individuals and families achieve financial independence as possible. On a case by case basis, we provide pro-bono education events for employees and executives of small and large businesses. A consultation with a founding partner of Divergent Wealth Advisors is necessary to determine needs, topics, and availability.

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