Our small-business exit consulting services provide business owners with a way to realize their long-term goals and to obtain the maximum return on their investment.

Few entrepreneurs start their new company with a clear exit strategy in mind. Nor do most business owners realize just how early they need to develop and implement their exit strategy.

In Utah, Divergent Wealth Advisors provides advice and support to business owners who want to maximize their profits and realize their goals for the future. Our Certified Financial Planners™ help you ensure that you don’t leave any money on the table when the time comes to move on to the next chapter in your life.

What Are the Benefits of Small-Business Exit Consulting?

You have put your blood, sweat and tears — sometimes literally — into building your company. Not only has it been a source of financial stability, it is also your legacy. But as much as you have achieved in founding and building the company, the chances are good that you have no formal plan for selling your enterprise.

Exit consulting gives small business owners a roadmap for getting their company ready to sell, for finding a buyer and for structuring the transaction for maximum protection and financial benefit.

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The Importance of Having a Small-Business Exit Strategy

Over the years, we have seen many individuals who, unfamiliar with the process, sold their businesses for significantly less than they were worth.

Our wealth advisors can assist you in determining the value of your business and identifying potential markets for likely buyers. We ensure that your company is running smoothly and optimally, with formalized and documented operations, processes and management systems in place.

We will also assist you in developing a unique selling proposition for your company, identifying the features that will be most attractive to a potential buyer and working with you on how best to market the organization.

When Does Your Utah Business Need Exit Consulting?

You can think of exit consulting as a long game of sorts. We strongly recommend that small-business owners consult with us five to 10 years before they plan to liquidate.

This may seem premature to you; however, implementing some of the systems that you’ll need to attract a well-qualified buyer can take time. When you have years to put some of these functions in place, you can spread the cost, disruption and operational impact across a long period of time. Wait too long, and it may be impossible to make the necessary changes, which may negatively affect productivity and profitability.

In Utah, Divergent Wealth Advisors provides individual and industrial wealth management services. Our unique approach to financial planning provides a variety of value-added services to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can maximize the value of your company at sale with our small-business exit consulting services.