In the simplest terms, effective tax planning keeps more money in your portfolio.

For many Utah investors, federal and state taxes — particularly income taxes — are the single greatest drain on their assets. The more money you can safeguard, the more you can grow your portfolio and personal wealth for the future.

Divergent Wealth Advisors believes that tax planning is one of the most important aspects of financial management. And that’s why we incorporate this service as part of our comprehensive personal wealth management services.

Tax Planning as a Part of Your Wealth Management Strategy

Some of the more common strategies of tax planning include deferring tax, using smart debt strategies, increasing deductions and available credits, using tax-loss harvesting and avoiding costly errors.

An important part of financial planning is anticipating how other transactions will affect your tax liabilities. When our Certified Financial Planners™ help you consider any purchase, sale or transfer of assets, they will always evaluate how that transaction will affect your tax obligations and advise you accordingly.

Why You Need Tax Planning in Utah

No one wants to pay any more taxes than they legally must, but you also want to ensure that you obey all applicable state and federal laws.

However, at almost 75,000 pages — with thousands of annual revisions — the federal tax code is not something you have time to memorize. Without a knowledgeable advisor who can work closely with your CPA, you could potentially miss out on allowable deductions and other strategies for minimizing your tax liability.

This is why Divergent Wealth Advisors includes this important service as a component of our personal wealth management programs. By identifying actionable strategies for reducing your tax burden, we help you preserve as much of your wealth as much as possible.

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A Key Player on Your Tax-Planning Team

Many investors work with a tax attorney or CPA for their personal and organizational income tax services. We believe it’s imperative that these professionals be on the same page with your financial advisor. We work directly with you and your professional consultants to ensure that all of our proposed strategies can be safely incorporated into your tax strategy. This ensures that you receive the full benefit of your plan while remaining in compliance with all applicable state and federal statutes.

Year after year, as the political climate changes in the United States, tax laws change. Failing to consider a key change can put your financial stability at risk. When our CFPs® work closely with your legal and financial consultants, we can provide an exceptional level of protection while striving to preserve your assets for the future.

Divergent Wealth Advisors of Utah provides a comprehensive suite of personal wealth management services, including investment analysis, estate planning, retirement planning and 401(k) consulting. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with one of our Certified Financial Planners™ and learn more about how our tax-planning services can help you preserve your hard-earned assets.