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Simplifying complex topics to their most basic form 

Divergent Guides

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Cutting through clutter and spin to deliver financial straight talk. 

These short guides will reduce complex topics to their core issues and assist you in making the best financial decisions for your family.

Beneficiaries - A Fun Topic At The BBQ

Estate planning can be complex, but it doesn't have to be. There are simple steps you can do today to move the needle in the right direction. Beneficiary designations can be a good place to start.

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6 Accounts to Help Increase Your Wealth

There are numerous resources available to help you feel confident about your financial situation. Understanding these options is key to making smart choices with your assets. Money management can be exhausting but learning where and how your money can work could make all the difference. Taking the time to consider your options for investing in the future will pay dividends as you consistently pay yourself first.

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Efficient Strategies for Charitable Giving

There is no feeling like giving to a cause or charity that you care deeply about. Being in a position to help is empowering. With all that is occurring in the world, many families are looking for opportunities to make a greater impact and leave a lasting legacy. There are numerous methods of donating to your favorite charities that are often overlooked. This article highlights a few efficient tax planning strategies for maximizing your charitable impact.

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Understanding Income - How to Take Advantage of the Tax Code by Investing

News Flash! The IRS taxes the same dollar very differently depending on how that dollar was made. Your money is getting taxed; what's new? Now is the time to learn and create an efficient strategy to keep more. This article highlights the fundamentals of personal tax that you need to know which will empower you to build and keep wealth.

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The Power of the ETF - Changing the Way the World Invests

Exchange Traded Funds, also known as ETFs, have changed the way the world invests. ETFs have drawn an enormous amount of capital in the last decade and there seems to be an ETF for everything these days. This article highlights critical information that you need to know about ETFs and the opportunities they give investors.

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9 Tips for Financial Success - What your grandmother would tell you about personal finance

Financial Independence. It's a mindset as much as a reality. It's the confidence that comes with building a financial plan, becoming disciplined to achieve your goals, and owning them. Life happens. You cannot control everything. Each day you make choices regarding your money, how you spend your time, and where you focus your energy. Becoming educated on your financial plan will help you become more confident. The more you know, the better off you and your family will be. This article highlights 9 critical principles of financial independence that your grandmother would tell you. She would want you to read this.

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