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The secret to living, is giving.

Divergent Generosity

At Divergent Wealth, we believe people are motivated to make a bigger impact with their wealth.   As human beings we are driven by our desire to contribute, to make a difference.   Imagine being able to bring more fulfillment to your life by enriching the lives of others.

We believe that each of us is made to be generous and that everyone has something to give – be it your time, wisdom, influence or money.  Generosity is a mindset that we carry into every part of our lives.

With deep, dedicated expertise in all facets of generosity planning, we provide resources and services designed to support your generosity goals.  We help you develop personalized strategies and provide the tools – whether that might involve a donor advised fund, private foundation or charitable trust – to maximize your impact.

We work with you to design a Generosity Plan to turn your vision into reality. Starting with your own financial plan as the blueprint, we help you identify what’s important to you along with how and where you want to make a difference.