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Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a generation ago.

Your Estate Planning Attorney

What if you could hire an outside estate planning attorney and have some, if not all, of their fee paid for by Divergent Wealth? 

Sound too good to be true? Keep reading. 

A great financial plan includes a collaborative estate plan.

The problem is, most people do their estate planning and their financial planning separately, when in reality they should be done in tandem. But, to do that requires a credentialed financial adviser that understands how those two plans interrelate.  

Instead of just working with your existing estate planning attorney, we decided to take it a step further.

Effective collaboration requires one of the advisers to take the lead. To do that, we created the Divergent Wealth Signature Professional program. 

This program allows us to interview credentialed and experienced estate planning attorneys and commit them to effective collaboration, efficiencies in communication, familiarity with our financial planning platform, and high standards of customer service. 

Qualified clients can then expect Divergent Wealth to pay for some and in many cases all of the costs incurred when working with these attorneys.

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