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Real leaders don't create followers, 

they create more leaders.

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Divergent Exec

You take care of your company, but are you confident you are doing all you can with your executive benefits and personal wealth to be ready for what’s next in life?

As an executive, your business is running your company. At DivergentEXEC®, our business is helping you manage your financial affairs. While you focus on your professional and personal responsibilities, we proactively design and help coordinate your finances so you can live the great life you envision.

You’ll work with a dedicated team to:

  • Plan and set goals based on your whole life, not just your balance sheet
  • Optimize your executive compensation through:
    • Stock option maximization strategies
    • Restricted share planning
    • Strategies for selling and exercising shares outside of trading windows
    • Pension plan and cash balance maximization
    • Company stock concentration and diversification strategies
  • Collaborate with your CPA on tax minimization strategies
  • Design income generation for whatever comes next in your life

But with DivergentEXEC®, you get more than just help with essential financial matters. You also become part of a community that connects you with people and resources that offer growth, encouragement and inspiration so you can live a great life. Our community solutions and strategic partners include:

  • Personal development
  • Professional development
  • Client connections and sharing of ideas
  • Executive coaches
  • CPAs
  • Attorneys
  • Executive groups

It only stands to reason that you need the same kind of teamwork to achieve your personal vision and goals. If you want to use your wealth to help create and live the life you envision, let’s have a conversation.