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An occupation with purpose 

requires little motivation.

purpose | vision | focus


Commitments to family, patients and practice can leave little time for health care professionals like you to focus on long-term financial security.

A person’s long-term well being are greatly enlarged by good physical health and sound financial health. 

At DivergentHEALTHPROS®, we know your time is valuable and limited. We also know your financial needs are complex and unique to your profession. We deliver tailored plans to help you live life confidently, fully and purposefully, both now and in retirement.

Using the Divergent Wealth Master Plan®, health care professionals can create a strategy that addresses cash flow, asset management, retirement planning and much more. Our services are specific to your profession and include:

  • Asset protection strategies for practitioners and high-income professionals
  • Retirement scenario planning that reflects changing reimbursement rates and compensation
  • Business and personal liability insurance review
  • Personal and professional debt strategies
  • Employment and partnership contract review
  • Exit and transition strategies for practice owners
  • Student debt analysis and payment strategies
  • Employee benefits review, including plan elections and retirement allocations

While your wealth may be a reflection of your success, what you do with it makes it can create a legacy. At DivergentWealth, we help you leverage your professional success into your personal passions so that you can live the life you’ve always envisioned.

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