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"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." 

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Most people wonder what their lifestyle is going to look like when they stop working. Discovering the answer to that question can be quite complex. At its core, retirement planning is identifying and estimating all the variables that could effect your financial future.

Have you ever sat down and compiled a list of possible significant future expenses? Have you considered when those might happen or if your current/future income would be adequate to cover them? This is Goal Planning and it's liberating!

Trusting your adviser "knows what they are doing" is not an investment strategy. Can you articulate your investment strategy? Not being able to do so is a red-flag we commonly see among investors. Understanding your strategy is non-negotiable. 

Did you know every adult regardless of their age and income should have a plan for the transition of their estate? If you don't have one, the state gets to make the plan for you. Reviewing your estate plan regularly with your estate planning attorney and financial planner reduces surprises later on. 

Ever wondered if you are paying too much in taxes? Curious about planning strategies you can take advantage of to pay less in taxes? A thoughtful tax strategy that incorporates legal tax avoidance and tax deferral techniques should be an integral part of your financial plan. 

Most people have grand plans for growing their wealth, but are unaware of strategies that exist to produce spendable income down the road. Planning ahead for an effective income strategy not only helps assets last longer, but can help to mitigate market risk.

Unexpected events can drain investment accounts and severely damage even the most impressive financial plans. Prudently transferring a portion of that risk to the deeper pockets of an insurance company can help minimize those threats and better protect your financial assets. 

Wondering how much cash to keep on hand and if that cash is working for you? You're not alone. Using the Signature Planning framework, it's easy to determine how much cash to keep on hand and to explore simple ways to manage it effectively. 

Are you controlling your debt or is your debt is controlling you? The Divergent Wealth Signature Plan doesn't just consider one side of the balance sheet. Excessive debt can damage even the most well-thought out plans. Prudent use of debt can enhance financial flexibility. 

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