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"Synergy is not simply your way, or my way, it's our way." 

Strategic In-House Partnerships

Because better doesn't mean bigger. 

Effectively navigating today's financial environment is almost impossible without a credentialed and trusted financial partner. 

Would being able to provide that trusted partnership to your employees, clients, or members, enhance your value proposition? 

What if your company could provide one of the most effective and innovative wealth management experience for employees, clients, or members?

Instead of building out your own wealth management department and subjecting you and your corporation to unprecedented amounts of compliance, regulation, and fiduciary liability; you can partner with Divergent Wealth to execute on their simple financial planning framework. An framework that provides tremendous value to all those who engage in it.

In-house Wealth Planner for banks & credit unions

Divergent Wealth is big enough to provide a credentialed, collaborative, and comprehensive planning experience, but small enough to customize an effective strategic partnership that is tailored directly to the needs of your company and your customers/members. 

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In-house wealth planner for corporations

Depending on your size and needs, Divergent Wealth can work with your corporation to craft a financial planning arrangement either in-house or out-sourced to our state-of-the-art office that will provide an unrivaled financial planning experience for your most-important key employees. 

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