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You focus on what you can control and let someone else focus on what you can't control.

Minimize the damage of unexpected events.

Transferring risk to the deeper pockets of an insurance company can help minimize the damage of unexpected events.

We review and consult on asset protection & risk management strategies as well as life, disability, and long-term care insurance to proactively manage your risk and to protect your family and property from unforeseen events.

Our team of Insurance Specialists identifies risks which could tremendously impair your financial situation. While it’s important to focus on what may go right with your situation, it’s also critical to consider what could go wrong. When properly done, there are cost effective ways to mitigate these potentially devastating scenarios.  

At Divergent Wealth, we believe the adviser should always unquestionably be on the side of the client. We view our job in the insurance world as one from a very analytical perspective. It is our duty to inform you of the potential risks and then provide potential solutions to mitigate those risks. However, that simple process is not enough. Each solution will be provided with a cost/benefit analysis as well as a detailed pros/cons list. This information will help you better understand exactly what the risks are and the best and most cost effective way to mitigate them. 

proper Insurance Planning Entails

  1. Insurance Needs Analysis
  2. Ability to price out hundreds of insurance agencies & products
  3. Current Policy Analysis
  4. Projections using conservative assumptions
  5. Cost/Benefit Analysis
  6. Pros/Cons Analysis

Questions to Consider...

  1. Do you have adequate coverage in the event of your death to attain your financial goals?
  2. How would your goals change if you or a spouse pass away unexpectedly and are those goals still attainable?
  3. What is the plan should you need old-age nursing care?
  4. Do you anticipate having a large estate tax liability?
  5. Do you have adequate property & casualty coverage?
  6. Is there a need for key-man life insurance? (Business owners/managers)
  7. Is disability insurance something you should consider?
  8. Do you own any cash value life insurance policies? When were they last reviewed?
  9. Do you own any annuities? When were they last reviewed?

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