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The future has many names. 

For the weak, it's unattainable. 

For the fearful, it's unknown. 

For the bold, it's opportunity.

Investment Management

1. Investment Committee Creation

Whether you run a small, medium, or large organization our goal is to help you run as efficiently as possible. If your company does not have an Investment Committee, we will help create one to manage your retirement plan according to regulatory needs.

2. Investment Policy Statement

Have you ever created an Investment Policy Statement but don’t know if it is being followed? Divergent Wealth uses software and systems to make sure no plan falls outside of the parameters the committee creates.

3. Target-date Fund Analysis

As the popularity of Target Date Funds increases, so does the need of looking under the hood at what your employees are investing in. Let us review with you the risks associated with each fund family and if they fit the cultural risk appetite of your employees.

4. Investment Advice

Serving as your plan’s investment adviser, we select, monitor, and recommend plan investments that are appropriate for your employee demographics that are compliant with your company Investment Policy Statement. We can act as a fiduciary or co-fiduciary to the retirement plan with respect to the selection and monitoring of investments. You’ll receive an investment policy statement, quarterly scorecard, and transition assistance whenever you need to terminate or hire a manager.