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Contrary to popular wisdom, knowledge is not power. The execution of knowledge of is power.

Trusting your adviser "knows what they are doing" is not an investment strategy 

What's the biggest red-flag we see among investors?

Not being able to articulate your investment strategy.

That simple mistake alone has been the cause of far too many poor investment experiences. Even with little to no financial knowledge your investment strategy should make sense to you. The Divergent Wealth investment strategy is elegantly simple. It’s built on six fundamental principles that will make sense to even the most novice investor. Not only that, but it’s a strategy focused on low-cost investing, where the value outweighs the price. 

Proper Investment Planning entails...

  1. Diversification / Asset Allocation Analysis
  2. Cost Analysis
  3. Risk / Return Analysis
  4. Investment Behavioral Coaching
  5. Projection Planning with Conservative Assumptions
  6. Personal Risk Measurements
  7. Adherence to Key Investment Principles

Questions to Consider...

  1. Do you feel comfortable with your investment strategy?
  2. Can you articulate your investment strategy?
  3. Have you obtained a DivergentWealth risk score?
  4. Are your investments aligned with your risk and objectives?
  5. Do you receive adequate investment behavioral coaching?
  6. What is your 401(k) investment strategy?
  7. Do you panic in down-markets or view them as opportunities?

What Is Your Risk Score?