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Use your wealth to leave a legacy of lasting values.

Legacy Planning is estate planning taken to a deeper level. 

Estate Planning (Step 1) 

Estate planning is administratively structuring your estate to maximize and protect its value for those you care most about.  

Your comprehensive Divergent Wealth Signature Plan serves as the foundation for your estate plan. It is collaboratively created by a Divergent Law estate planning attorney and your Divergent Wealth financial planner. 

In a innovative approach, your financial plan and estate plan can be seamlessly delivered in tandem by a collaborative team.  

Estate Planning services are provided by a sister firm named Divergent Law. A Divergent Law attorney can sit down with you in your financial planning meetings as needed to create, review, or amend your estate planning documents in conjunction with your planning review meetings and annual check-ups. 

Legacy Planning (Step 2)

Legacy planning is for the execution of a plan that helps prepare future stewards for your wealth and legacy. 

It is helping those you love most, understand the best things in life aren’t things. That's a simple statement, but it holds profound meaning. Internalizing and teaching that principle can be paramount when creating a legacy that lasts generations. 

What do you value beyond your financial assets and how do you teach those lessons to your loved ones, not only while you are living, but also after you pass? These are important questions that are addressed in legacy planning. 

When properly structured, your assets can transcend their intrinsic value and help shape your loved ones into the best version of themselves. 

Feel confident about the future and let us be your guide on the path toward educating your heirs and preserving your family’s future.

Divergent wealth and divergent Law legacy planning Services










Proper Legacy Design Entails

  1. Multi-Generational Goal Planning
  2. Tax Efficient Wealth Transfer
  3. Family & Generational Wealth Education
  4. Comprehensive & Collaborative Estate Planning Strategy
  5. Philanthropic Planning & Strategy
  6. In-depth discussions on your values around how you view wealth
  7. Creation of Living Wills
  8. Creation of a Last Will and Testament
  9. Creation of Revocable Trusts
  10. Creation of Irrevocable Trusts
  11. Creation of a Power of Attorney Documents
  12. Periodic reviews of your estate planning documents in collaboration with your comprehensive financial plan. 

Questions to Consider...

  1. Have you considered what financial, moral, and family legacy you plan to leave behind for future generations?
  2. Do you have confidence your heirs will be wise stewards of their inheritance?
  3. What are you doing to prepare your heirs for your legacy stewardship?
  4. Have you digitally archived your estate information using the Divergent Wealth Everplan?
  5. Do you have financial goals for future generations after you pass?
  6. Would you like to put stipulations on how your inheritance would be used after you pass?
  7. Have you discussed your legacy wishes with your beneficiaries?
  8. Have you assigned someone to help settle your estate after your pass?
  9. Have you considered a plan for education funding for future generations?
  10. Have you completed the basic estate planning bundle?
  11. Are your trusts funded?
  12. Is your estate currently over the lifetime exemption limit?
  13. Do you anticipate your estate may eventually be over the lifetime exemption limit?
  14. Do you own all or part of a growing business?
  15. Are you in a 2nd marriage and have a unique financial arrangement?
  16. Do you have a collaborative relationship with your Estate Planning Attorney?
  17. Does your attorney provide complimentary periodic reviews of your estate plan ?
  18. Are you billed for changes to your estate plan?