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"Great leaders don't set out to be leaders, they set out to make a difference."

Meet the difference makers.

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Rick Collins, CFP® Photo Rick Collins, CFP® Hover Photo
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Rick Collins, CFP®

Co-Founder | Managing Partner

Rick majored in Finance and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Utah State University. After declining a promotion from IBM that would take him out of state, Rick decided to become a financial planner with a regional brokerage firm in Salt Lake City. He was one of the earliest adopters of a “fee-based,” commission free, investment platform. After quickly attaining his CFP® credentials, he established himself as an elite planner in the state of Utah. Rick spent most of the first 30 years in his career working for the major nation-wide firms of Smith Barney and Morgan Stanley.

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Jordan Collins, CFP®, CRPC® Photo Jordan Collins, CFP®, CRPC® Hover Photo
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Jordan Collins, CFP®, CRPC®

Co-Founder | Managing Partner

I knew from a fairly young age that I had a knack for finance, math, and people. I was lucky that I knew early on a profession that would check all my boxes. I tailored my studies and extra curricular activities from my youth to try and obtain an enhanced skill set that could help me help others. Though it seems like an oxymoron, I'm an extroverted spreadsheet nerd who loves to learn complicated things... but even more than that, I realized I have a passion of figuring out how to simplify those complicated things and then teach them to other people. 

My love for working with people helped earn me a four-year full-ride leadership scholarship to Utah State as I served on the Presidents Leadership Council as a University and President’s Ambassador. I had the opportunity to directly mentor and recruit both high school and college students for Utah State. During my  junior and senior year, I had the amazing opportunity to serve with the President of the University as he routinely hosted dignitaries from across the country. 

Also, during my senior year, I interned for Smith Barney, a world-class wealth management firm, and knew immediately that helping people succeed financially was exactly what I wanted to do. In 2006, I graduated with honors in both Finance and Economics, with an emphasis in Financial Planning, from Utah State University. 

I was accepted out of college into Smith Barney's nationally recognized training program and completed the three year training near the top of my class. My father Rick Collins and I partnered together with the objective of providing a unique interactive financial planning and investment experience for our clients. Over the next decade we grew to become the largest team at Morgan Stanley in the state of Utah. 

From the start of my career in the finance industry, I was never a fan of the historically stodgy and archaic approach it tended  to portray. With a load of new ideas to change and disrupt the industry, in 2017 my partners and I resigned from Morgan Stanley and created Divergent Wealth Advisers, a firm that is redefining the value of an adviser. Our clients' followed us and have been our loyal ambassadors on this amazing journey. This process to starting our own independent wealth management firm has allowed us more of an open architecture to deliver the tangible value that I think every client should have the right to experience. I can't wait to see what how we can enhance our tangible value to clients over the next decade.   

When I'm not focused on clients or disrupting the financial planning industry, you'll likely find me somewhere in the mountains with my beautiful wife (that is still far out-of-my- league) and our four amazing kids. If we aren't hiking, biking, or skiing in the mountains, I'm  probably dreaming of Lake Powell or criss-crossing the fairways of one of Utah's golf courses trying desperately to find the glory days of when I was actually pretty decent at the sport of golf.     

Brady Ririe, CFP®, CRPS® Photo Brady Ririe, CFP®, CRPS® Hover Photo
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Brady Ririe, CFP®, CRPS®

Co-Founder | Managing Partner
Brady majored in Finance and graduated as a Newel K. Whitney Scholar from BYU-Idaho in 2011. During his studies, he served as the Student Body President and worked at both JPMorgan and UBS Wealth Management. After graduation, Brady was hired at Morgan Stanley where he quickly established himself as a qualified and highly sought-after adviser for Institutional and Private Wealth Management needs. After Brady worked alongside Rick and Jordan for several years, they joined forces as his practices and values closely aligned with theirs.
Hailey Meihls, CFP® CRPC® Photo Hailey Meihls, CFP® CRPC® Hover Photo
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Hailey Meihls, CFP® CRPC®

Financial Adviser

Hailey graduated from Utah State University's John Hunstman School of Business with a degree in Economics. She started her professional career in 2013 at Fidelity Investments working with both institutional and private clients. She quickly established herself as one of the high performing representatives in the company before joining Divergent Wealth. Hailey currently holds both the CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) certification and CRPC® (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor) designation. Hailey works as a Financial Adviser and is thriving in the Divergent Wealth family. She and her husband love to travel and spend time with their beautiful dog Dakota. 

Randy Taylor

Operations Manager

Carie Young

Relationship Manager

Jake Gutke

Relationship Manager
Theresa Collins Photo Theresa Collins Hover Photo
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Theresa Collins

Director of Firm Culture

Theresa attended Utah State University and studied special needs child development. She has an extraordinary ability to connect with people, perceive their needs, and selflessly serve them. Theresa helps manage the culture and morale of the company, its team members, and its clients. She is ensures everyone is performing to the best of their ability. She is the face of the firm and and the heart of the office.