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We all pay taxes, but there is no law that says we have to leave a tip.

Tax impacts every aspect of your     financial life.

Taxes are inextricably connected with your financial plan. It’s time that the effort and strategies are thoughtfully coordinated. 

How often does tax adviser sit down with your financial planning team to talk about you? This type of collaboration can prove extremely useful. 

Your Divergent Financial Planner will work as closely with your tax adviser as they will allow. This collaboration helps to uncover potential savings, identify unused strategies, and execute tax planning strategies in future years. 

  • Evaluating business structure to optimize the benefits of the Internal Revenue code
  • Focusing on opportunities unique to your individual business or industry
  • Understanding the tax consequences related to your individual investments
  • Maximizing your retirement plan savings under current tax law
  • Tax Loss Harvesting on your taxable investment accounts
  • Analyzing tax-free and tax-deferred investment options and their pros and cons 

Proper Tax Planning entails...

  1. Collaboration with your CPA and tax adviser
  2. Tax Loss Harvesting for taxable accounts
  3. Tax Efficiency Analysis
  4. Tax Advantaged Investment Maximization
  5. High Level Tax Overview

Questions to Consider...

  1. Do you have an annual tax planning meeting with your CPA?
  2. Do you feel like you’re maximizing your tax deductions/credits?
  3. Do you understand tax loss harvesting?
  4. Have you considered the use of a "Donor Advised Fund"?
  5. Do you have a charitable giving strategy?
  6. Are you satisfied with your CPA and the services they provide?
  7. Are you receiving tax planning guidance for the future?
  8. Does your CPA collaborate to understand your financial plan?

Let's talk brass tax