Retirement plan management services from Divergent Wealth Advisors benefit your business as much as they benefit your valued employees.

Whether you prefer a 401(k)-type plan or alternate structure, you clearly demonstrate your commitment to your staff members when you provide this in-demand benefit.

If you have reservations about the risks of sponsoring a plan at your company, we can explain how we help take the risk and hassle out of plan management for companies of all sizes, throughout Utah.

Retirement Plan Management Enriches Employees’ Lives

When you help your employees achieve retirement readiness, you benefit your organization as much as you do your staff. A whopping eighty percent of Americans between the ages of 30 and 54 believe they will not have enough saved for retirement. You can set your business apart from the competition by demonstrating your profound commitment to your staff’s future well-being and financial independence in retirement.

Preparing staff members for retirement and beyond provides peace of mind for them and for you, the business owner. And by providing them with a point of contact for questions and additional retirement products, you make it easy for participants to get the answers they need.

When you deliver critical benefits that your employees value, they respond in kind with engagement, motivation and loyalty.

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Plan Management Services Provide Measurable Benefit to Your Business

With a retirement plan at your business, you can attract a more dedicated, highly qualified caliber of employees. More than half of working Americans are not offered a retirement account of any type by their employer currently. Imagine the talent your business could attract with such a valuable benefit.

Employees who have the benefit of a retirement plan through their employer are significantly more motivated than those who don’t. These employees are also more engaged in their work and less likely to pursue employment with another firm.

Engaged employees contribute directly to improved job performance as well as reduced turnover and absenteeism. In fact, you’re likely to recover your contribution — sometimes several times over — in increased employee performance and engagement.

Plan Management Services Designed for Your Utah Business

Because no single retirement plan works for all (or even most) businesses, Divergent Wealth Advisors tailors our management services to meet your specific needs.

You have many retirement plans to choose from, but the key is finding one that fits your organization and your employees. Our Certified Financial Planners™ take the time to learn about your organization. We get to know you and your staff and learn about your goals. Using this insight, we can recommend the best plans to help make those goals a reality.

We help reduce the personal and organizational risks of sponsoring a retirement plan by providing unique solutions to plan design and evaluation.

Divergent Wealth Advisors is a full-service firm that focuses on the unique needs of Utah institutional clients. We provide a great deal of information and educational opportunities for the organization’s principals and decision-makers as well as for your employees. Contact us today to learn more about how our retirement plan management services can benefit your organization and your employees.