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Consider your current 

adviser relationship 

Does it include...



...who is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERâ„¢ professional and will facilitate all facets of your custom tailored and comprehensive Divergent Wealth Signature Plan.

Coordination with an Estate Planning Attorney

...resulting in a collaborative effort to align your Estate Plan with your comprehensive financial plan. 

Interactive Financial Planning & Modeling

... defined and created with a team of professionals and is accessible in real-time through a personal financial planning portal. 

Transparent Performance

... with a client portal featuring your accounts, allocation, and performance on the landing page.

A digital Archive for Legacy Planning

... assisting you in organizing, securely storing, and strategically sharing your most important information with your loved ones. 

A legal Fiduciary

... a fiduciary is someone who has a legal responsibility to act in your best interest. Working in this arrangement should be non-negotiable. 

A Dedicated Relationship Manager

...who is detail-oriented and follows up with you after completing important tasks. Your Implementation Specialist.  

Coordination with a Tax Professional

...resulting in effective tax planning ensuring your Tax Strategy is in sync with your comprehensive financial plan.

A Common-Sense Investment Strategy

... that is principled and process driven resulting in an investment approach that is straight-forward and easy to articulate.

A Client Friendly Website

... that is simple to navigate, rich in informative content, and provides a client portal with access to important financial tools. 

Client relationships that span generations

... a time-tested and trusted financial partner is a rare commodity. When found, it can be shared with those you love most.  

A thoughtful processes 

... a comprehensive financial plan is only as good as the people and processes created to build, track, and adapt it. We love building repeatable processes, and we are good at it. 

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