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"Price is only a concern when there is an absence of value."

   Let's get transparent about fees...

there are two types of fees that are critical to understand


This is the annual cost of holding a security in your portfolio. This fee is disclosed in a legal prospectus, but you won't see a deduction of that fee from your account. 

Unless you love to read copious amounts of legalese, or your adviser disclosed the fee to you, this fee becomes INVISIBLE as it is usually deducted from the performance of the fund. For example: 

If you own a mutual fund that has a 1% annual fee and the funds holdings are up 10% for the year, the mutual fund will only report a gain of 9%. 

If that same funds holdings are down 10% for the year, it will report a loss of 11%.

We therefore strongly encourage clients to use low-cost investment products. 


This is the cost of working with an adviser. What value are they bringing to the table? 

Remember, advisers are not created equal. It's extremely important to understand exactly what you are getting for their fee. 

Some advisers charge an investment management fee and/or a performance fee in addition to fees for advice and other services.  

At Divergent Wealth, our fee is simple, transparent, and easy to understand.  

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