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Simplifying complex topics to their most basic form 

Divergent LIBRARY

We are as much educators as we are advisers

at the SCT Library

Cutting through clutter and spin to deliver financial straight talk. 

These short guides will reduce complex topics to their core issues and assist you in making the best financial decisions for your family.

Predictions and the Human Factor Thumbnail

Predictions and the Human Factor

Americans tune in to the news in search of financial advice. That is not what the news or social media provides. They are in the business of making money from advertisements. They are not fiduciaries. They do not discuss the real principles of wealth building, probably because nobody would continually tune in to hear, “This just in: Investing a portion of your income each month continues to be the best way to grow and maintain wealth.” C’mon, that is boring.

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Roth Conversions - Turning Heads at the BBQ Thumbnail

Roth Conversions - Turning Heads at the BBQ

There are many reasons to consider Roth conversions as part of your financial plan. Here are just a few: Do you want to pay less taxes as you get older? Do you want to decide when you pay taxes and how much? Do you want to control when to take money out of your retirement account? How does a tax-free inheritance to your children sound? Do you like knowing that your earnings grow tax free?

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Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor Thumbnail

Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor

Recently I spoke with some individuals about interviewing financial advisors. We talked about what questions to ask and what they should think through before entering a relationship. 😍 That sounds like I am about to give dating advice. Well, maybe not far from it.

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