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"Imagine looking forward to volatility instead of fearing it."

You're Likely Paying Managers Who Are Under-Performing Their Benchmarks.

Last updated December 2022
Source: SPIVA

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Your Advisor

investment management

A principled and elegantly simple strategy that is easy to articulate 


Private Investment Access

Access to local private investment strategies used by uber wealthy


State of the Art Facility

A state of the art office designed for interactive wealth planning


Financial Planning

An interactive approach you've likely never seen before


Estate Planning

Divergent will cover most - if not all - the costs of estate planning*


Tax Planning

Divergent coordinates all tax strategies with your tax advisor


Dedicated Service Team

significant firm resources are dedicated to a robust service team


Credentialed Advisor

advisors are required to have 3rd party industry recognized credentials


Transparent Performance

all Clients get a personalized home page dedicated to account performance


Client Friendly Website

simple to navigate, rich in content, and user intuitive financial tools.


Digital Safe for heirs

encrytped digital archive that houses a clients most sensative information


Legal Fiduciary

a 100% legal fiduciary bounded by law to act in the clients best interest


Generational Relationships

we most commonly work with multiple generations in a family relationship

*For qualifying clients only. Client must have at least $500,000 in managed assets with Divergent.