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"the barriers to entry in the advising business are much too low at a time when the stakes are much too high."

Advocates | Value | Leadership

Divergent Beliefs

"Navigating life is easier with a financial partner who is your unbending advocate."

Our industry has traditionally been stuffy, stodgy, and archaic. It's riddled with advisers who struggle to provide tangible transparent value. Divergent Wealth was created to change all that, to set a new standard for financial planning, and to re-define the client/adviser experience. 


We believe in adding tangible value

Advisers should be obligated to bring tangible value to the table. The value received from your adviser should always outweigh the price that was paid to obtain it. So what is that value? If it cannot be simply articulated and quickly demonstrated, it probably doesn't exist. 

We believe in changing the way people engage with advisers

We want to change how people engage with advisers by creating a super team of fiduciary advisers. 

Financially successful families surround themselves with 3 specialized, credentialed, and competent professionals.

  • A CFP® Professional
  • An Estate Planning Attorney
  • A Certified Tax Adviser

Divergent Wealth believes that using these overlapping specialists creates a collaborative team to manage not only your financial plan, but your estate, tax, and investment plans as well.

We believe in Simplifying Complicated Things

We don't hire an adviser unless they have the heart of a teacher. We consider our role as educators equal to that of advisers. Finding a partner who simplifies complex topics so you can make the best decision for you family is invaluable.  

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