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"Imagine Looking forward to volatility instead of fearing it."

A common-sense investment strategy

You should feel a surge of confidence when the markets get rocky.

Divergent Wealth Signature Models

An investment strategy that is simple enough to articulate, sophisticated enough to produce tangible value, and structured to be executed with competitive fees.  

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We know why your current strategy is likely falling short

You're likely paying managers who are under-performing their benchmarks.

% of Under-Performing funds...

Large-Cap 71%

Mid-Cap 62%

Small-Cap 61%

% of Under-Performing funds...

Large-Cap 93%

Mid-Cap 80%

Small-Cap 82%

% of Under-Performing funds...

Large-Cap 95%

Mid-Cap 88%

Small-Cap 90%

% of Under-Performing funds...

Large-Cap 91%

Mid-Cap 93%

Small-Cap 87%

Last updated June 2020
Source: SPIVA

A second opinion on your current investment strategy is not only prudent, but possibly the most important financial decision you'll make.

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