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"Customer service isn't just a department it's an entire company culture."

Divergent Wealth Service Standards


Your time is as important as ours. Our meetings will start on time.

Meeting summaries

We take detailed notes of every conversation and meeting. 

Financial Dashboard

All clients get their on personalized financial dashboard.

No Robots

We are adamently against robots answering our phones.

Outgoing Communication

You determine how often you want us to reach. Then we execute.

30 Minutes

Phone calls are returned in no less than 30 minutes.

Low-Cost Investments

Costs are a direct drag on performance. We keep them low. 

attention to detail

We are meticulous about the details. We have to be.

legal coordination

We coordinate and in many cases pay for your estate planning

Credentialed Advisors

All advisors have 3rd party industry certifications.

Easy to Read Website

Website should be easy to use and understand.

Team Approach

A collaborative team approach always yields better results.


Digital Vault

Clients need an encrypted vault for estate administration

Transparent Performance

Don't dig 20 clicks deep..We prefer performance on the home-page.

Innovation Commitment

In our fast-paced world. Your advisor can't be late to the game. 

Column 1

We have legally bound ourselves to act in the clients best interest.

Column 2

Skimping on a client service team to increase the bottom line is wrong.

Column 3

For clients who desire a seemless electronic on-boarding experience need to look no further.

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